Today is the Day We Start

Posted on 2021-02-08 on

This evening having a little bit of a chat about my email dramas on the Delta Chat group "Social Distancing" it came up that perhaps one should consider creating a mail service.


We should design a server that's specifically for Delta Chat


It would be fairly straight forward really, doesn't need webmail, spam settings to block or accept (no quarantine), the only problem would be the IPs sending reputation at the start because Google
and preferably not hosted in the US / in the Scamazon cloud


I second the anti-scamazon sentiment, just on principle on any occasion. Recently I've heard and are good options for hosting and domains but I haven't tried them yet


I'm going to have a look at the possibilities of setting something like this up, it's actually a really good idea, but there of course are some security bits I'd have to read up on before deploying

From there started, been researching an EU based cloud provider, which I might have found in Denmark, I hosted with 1984, and setup a temporary email with 1984 until I can get the project of to it's full beginings.

Once I setup the core mail server, then the party starts !

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